If Ethiopia’s not on your travel list, it should be. It’s a huge country – the largest landlocked country in the world – with unique cultures, a diverse landscape, incredible man-made creations, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. These eleven rock-hewn churches are sometimes referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. The rich history of northern Ethiopia with a lot of castles and churches. Southwards, the six or seven Rift Valley crater lakes are home to a large number of bird and marine life. National parks with their exotic birds, animals and plant life add to the beauty of the Rift Valley region. Further south is the Omo Valley with its popular ethnic treasures. This is where about 50% of Ethiopia’s ethnic groups live: the Konso with their terraced agriculture and rituals; the Mursi with their clay lip plates and barbarian life style; the Hamer with their bull-jumping ceremony, which young men must experience in order to qualify for adulthood; and the Karo with their body painting and adornment. And there aren’t many tourists, largely because of lingering misconceptions of the country following the famine of 1984. Check it out now, before everyone else figures out what an incredible place it is.