My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.

Claudia Nelissen
About Claudia Nelissen


Claudia Nelissen was born in Echt, the Netherlands in 1973. She took up photography at an very early age, playing with the analog SLR Canon camera from her dad. At the age of 12 she obtained her own photo camera. During her studies as a graphic designer she also received lessons in photography. This made her interest in photography only stronger. She has always been fascinated by different cultures, beautiful landscapes, nature reserves and wildlife.
After several holidays in Europe it was time to make her first long journey. A new passion is born. Traveling and photographing turns out to be the most ideal combination. She finds it a challenge to photograph the purity of humanity and the wildlife in their natural habitat. Nowadays she makes travel reports about destinations worldwide.

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Meanwhile, after photographing for many years, I have gained experience in many areas. For example, I have been able to supply various photos to various travel organizations such as Kras, Fox, Shoestring and Summum who used my photos in their travel magazines, websites and on their information evenings.

As a graphic designer I did the design for the magazine Navenant for 3 years. For this magazine I also provided travel photos or I was sent on the road to photograph reports for specific articles in the magazine.

In terms of concert photography, I have been photographing the Afro Latino festival in Bree (Belgium) for 6 years, where I photograph the artists and party people. Furthermore, I was allowed to photograph the Rolling Stones at Maastricht Aachen Airport, during their stay at Château St. Gerlach and during their performance at Pinkpop (2014).

I have also participated in many photo competitions with which I have won many prizes. What I am most proud of are my publications in National Geographic, one time in the magazine and the other picture in the 2019 calendar.

Furthermore, weddings, henna parties and other occasions have been photographed. Special moments deserve to be captured into precious memories. For example, it is always nice to be able to capture pregnant belly, newborn, baby, child, or family photos or (with) their beloved pets. Because I easily let people / children feel comfortable, which is very important to me, my skillful look and sense of timing, I know how to capture spontaneous moments so that a special photo is created.

Despite the fact that my photographic knowledge has grown considerably in all these years, I am still not finished learning. There is always a new perspective, a new technique, a new look or a new way to edit a photo. In this way there will always be room for improvement and further growth. That is why I still continue to follow courses or workshops.